No Border Camp in Münster II

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In July there will be a No Border Camp in Thessaloniki in Greece—but in order to also make it possible for those “who do not have the temporal or financial resources to travel to Greece due to their dependencies or who are legally prevented from moving because of their unsettled residence permit status or a life in illegality” to participate in an exchange of views in relation to conditions and contexts, another No Border Camp will take place in Münster at the same time, i.e. from 15 to 24 July 2016.

There is a call for the Münster camp in English. Among other things, the call states that the “concept of the welfare state is failing—not only in the south of Europe—” and that power is being secured and legitimised by the “creation of enemy images”, along with an expansion of administrative and executive powers. Gender stereotypes, racism and surveillance are re-mobilised, in order to control society.

Proposals for workshops and other events are still being accepted—so hey you out there, if you read this and you are interested and have any ideas:
There has always been much to talk about as regards the interconnections of sexism and racism—not only now, after the New Year’s Eve events in Köln, when the talk often wasn’t about sexualised violence, but the violence was used for cheap right-wing propaganda or tightening of laws—, and there is also much to talk about and much to do concerning the concrete situation of women* and LGBTI*Q fleeing from their countries or living here in the Lagers.

On the camp website, it says:
So if you have ideas for workshops, talks, activities or whatever—brilliant! Let us know about it! You can write to them: program.nbc-ms [ät]
Of course, other forms of support (equipment for the camp, translations, medical team…) are still very welcome, too. If you want to help or have questions, etc. you can use the following address: nobordercamp-ms [ät]

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